Well to some of our older readers, it may seem like a truly remarkable labyrinth of social intricacies that may even seem like an unnecessary social construct. Well to truly understand this, we must first look back to its origins. Much like the book of genesis in the beginning of the internet, there were shapeless blogs without form or any structure. Then new platforms started to develop the most famous of which was MySpace. It was not until Mark Zukerberg came along that there were any large scale breaks in social media platforms. His innovation of Facebook was a potent concept. Its members grew at an unprecedented geometric rate.

The ideas behind the social media construct were to be able to communicate as well as express one’s own opinions on various topics. This idea took off it enabled people to be able to communicate in a more expressive way as well as having a digital memoir or biography on themselves open to their friends. As with any openness this allows for abuse and harassment form others. So as with any platform it is as much a force for good as it open for damaging powers.