Nowadays cyber bullying has become a major problem all over the world. People of all ages are abusing the advancement in technology by bullying victims through social media. This problem particularly appears in children and young adults aged 10 to 20. As participants to our society it is our duty to reduce the rate of cyber bullying by doing something about it. Parents can play a big role in reducing this epidemic, especially in the cases of younger children. As parents, we are the ones who buy our children their laptops, mobile phones and iPads. It never comes to our attention what they may be using these devices to do. There may be steps however to enable them to act responsibly. 

Parents must realise the importance of paying attention to what their children are doing on the internet, whether it is bullying are being a victim of it. Parents should set up their children's social media accounts with them in order to assure they are not putting out inappropriate information that could be a target to bullying. They should also check their "Buddylist" regularly in order to assure they are not talking with anyone who could be a threat. They could assure this by specifically going through the list with them and asking how they know each person. Although these actions may seem a bit extreme, parents would be surprised to realise how common this method of bullying has become. In the case of not wanting to make it clear that they are watching what they are doing, parents can place the computer or laptop in a shared room of the house. They should also assure they are not talking with strangers in chat rooms, as it is very common for people to pose as someone else and convince younger children to do things they are unlikely to do.

Another way of preventing cyberbullying on social media is talking with your children in order to educate them on how bad cyber bullying is. In the case of not being taken seriously by your children, presenting them with examples of children who have been victims of cyber bullying and thus acted out by doing things such as killing themselves is likely to make them understand the severity of the issue. Parents should also maintain a strong emotional relationship with their kids, asking them whether they have ever been cyber bullied or taken part in it. They should urge their children to automatically contact an older person if they have.  Enabling children to understand the severity of the issue is likely to cause them to even defend children who have been victims to it in front of them.

I strongly believe that we can all put an end to this issue by simply paying more attention to our children's online behaviour. Parents should also contact the children's school or counsellors to assure that this issue is discussed  in class. These steps are likely to educate children as well as scare them to never dare to take part in such wickedness.



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