When 12 year old Rebecca Sedwick, was pushed to jumping off the top of a concrete plant due to the harassment and bullying by classmates, the world was shocked. But inevitably a week later we all were back looking up high school sweethearts secretly hoping they got fat.

What people forgot was that while we all saw the rise in social media as a revolutionary platform from which we can socialise, chat and look up old crushes. The problem is that along with all the wonders that were introduced to us, the new platform was like a sword without a hilt dangerous as unwieldy. Along with all the wonders it introduces, deep within leaked some of the more unsavoury aspects of human nature, specifically the hazing and bullying. 

It would be delusional to think that all posts and tweets could be monitored and watched for signs of bullying. So then if we cannot see what happens or even prevent it from happening, all that is left of us to do is educate the vulnerable members of our society, in part our youth. So rather than pretend that age restrictions or blocking the sites is a suitable cure, we must teach the proper navigation and protocol that comes with handling such a dangerous and contractive tool.

So then the question arises of, how and when do we impart this crucial knowledge upon the youth? Well the best time to impart this knowledge would be to tackle the issue before the person reaches the age where one would usually use social media platforms. Next the how is best customised according to the individual needs of every person depending on personality as well as the emotions of the child, as some of use might be more adept at navigating the social intricacies of media platforms than others.



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