Cyber bullying can be defined as a form of bullying that became popular in the twenty first century. This happened through the spread of technology all over the world. Furthermore, nowadays many children communicate, interact, and also create social connections and meet new people using social networks all over the world, and also embraced the digital media such as cell phones and Internet, and cyber technology as a lifestyle. Thus, due to their reliance on technology, children of this generation are commonly known as the “Digital Generation” or the “Next Generation.” Technology has given children of all ages the opportunity to communicate with people locally, and globally. Because of the Internet, people are now able to discuss politics, culture, religion, and can also trade personal belongings through multinational Internet consumer corporations like Amazon and eBay. Young children and adolescents use it as a tool in schools to research and communicate about several schoolwork and events concerning the world. . According to the Huffington Post, My Mobile Watch Dog is an app that can track a person and view emails, text messages, and can even limit the hours that a cell phone can be used. Therefore, if a child is smart enough to borrow his friend’s cellphone, at least his parents will know his whereabouts and get a full picture of where he goes or who he connects with. Another way to combat bullying is to contact ISP (Internet Service Providers) for assistance if violence occurs online. This will enable parents to locate whom and where the cyber bullying is coming from. Hence, children with different sexual orientation are bullied using technology. Mostly, gay children are the targets of such kind of aggression. There have been many studies about gay adolescents taking their life because of being cyber bullied. Honestly, gay victims of bullying are more likely to be harassed on school premises; however, the torment might find its way into the virtual environment. As a result in order to find solutions and help the community to prevent this Phenomena I made interviews with different people that also have different ages. 

        Mr A 20yeas whom doesn’t want his name to be stated was a student that I met doing his undergrad in AUC though I have seen him and we talk once in a while I never raised this issue with him his story rely touched me; though he has never being harassed before as he said but he lost a friend as a result of cyber bully and promises to help change the world with any little he can. Furthermore, he started his story by telling me about the hole incidence that happened the last year of his high school year when a friend of his called “John Umar” came up and whined to him and asked him if he is experiencing something like that which he said “NO” because till then no one knew he was gay among all his classmates except from John. Few days passed and John continued to be worried as Mr A says but never had time to talk to John. After being tormented and exposed at school because of his sexuality John decided to end his life by committing suicide the day after he received another threatening text from a classmate Mr A said ” This implies that even though he was normally bullied at school, the digital media was used as the final trigger that made him commit suicide. Young adults in order to hurt, humiliate, tease, and attack others use many methods of cyber bullying. Furthermore, I went on asking Mr A since he does believes that there are ways to change the world and prevent these issues to occur in the feature. He started by telling me to look for sings but I don’t understand which sing he meant; he added that  Cyber bullying often takes the form of one person harassing another through emails, instant messages, text messages or other modes of social media.  

        Furthermore, while finding the solutions to prevent cyber bulling in our society i ran into a an AUC student that introduced his name as “Muhammad Bashir” doing his masters in political science and is 36 years old Bashir believes that Cyber Bulling exists but he believes it can be talked before it becomes a very big problem in the society; adding though he never experienced any and he knows it is a problem as a result, I went further to ask him with the experience he has and what he has seen what he thinks are the solution to prevent this to continue occurring in our societies? Bashir believes that we as a society are the once that are to handle it first; example, parents inform their children about the society before they go in to it. Furthermore, the social networks should impose laws and penalties to any one that is found bulling and also awareness on the social network pages; hence he added that the government should also put efforts on this issue putting hand in hand with the social network holders to help persecute the bully’s as a result of all this Bashir believes that this will eradicate Cyber Bullying.

    Last but not the list was a Nigerian called Tunde whom is also an Aucian and 24 years; asking him about what he think is cyber bulling was the first question; Tunde said that he has had about cyber bulling a way of bulling people through social networks and also think it is a stupid idea; hence, asking for solution was the next question I asked him he believes that the victims should be held responsible and should behave not putting stupid pictures on Facebook and Instagram. 



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